MCQ on Doctrine of Lapse Modern History

MCQ on Doctrine of Lapse

 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) on Doctrine Lapse in Indian Modern History with answers and explaination. It is useful for various competitive exams like UPSC, UPPSC, BPSC, IAS/PCS and others.

Q 1. Doctrine of Lapse was formulated and implemented during the reign of:

a)       Lord Canning

b)      Lord Dalhousie

c)       Lord Wellesley

d)      Lord  Bentinck

Answer (b)


Q 2. Awadh was annexed to British empire in India by:

a)       Policy of Subsidiary Alliance

b)      Doctrine of lapse

c)       Maladministration

d)      By Waging War

Answer (c)


Q 3. James Andrew Ramsay was the real name of which Governor-General of India?

a)       Lord Canning

b)      Lord Dalhousie

c)       Lord Wellesley

d)      Lord  Bentinck

Answer (b)


Q 4. Which was the first state annexed under the doctrine of lapse?

a)       Awadh

b)      Jhansi

c)       Satara

d)      Nagpur

Answer (c)


Q 5. When doctrine of Lapse was introduced?

a)       1845

b)      1847

c)       1848

d)      1849

Answer (c)


Q 6. Consider the following princely States of the British rule in India:

1.       Jhansi

2.       Sambalpur

3.       Satara

The correct chronological order in which they were annexed by the British is:

a)       1,2,3

b)      1,3,2

c)       3,2,1

d)      3,1,2

Answer (c)


Q 7. Which of the following was the first victim of Lord Dalhousie’s ‘policy of doctrine of lapse’?

a)       Udaipur

b)      Jhansi

c)       Karauli

d)      Satara

Answer (d)


Q 8. Which was the last state under the Doctrine of Lapse?

a)       Awadh

b)      Satara

c)       Nagpur

d)      Jhansi

Answer (a)


Q 9. When was Doctrine of Lapse abolished?

a)       1852

b)      1854

c)       1857

d)      1858

Answer (d)


Q 10. Who abolished the Doctrine of Lapse?

a)       Lord Dalhousie

b)      Lord Canning

c)       Lord Bentinck

d)      Lord Harding

Answer (b)


In Short Doctrine of Lapse:


What was Doctrine of Lapse?

  • It was strategy of Lord Dalhousie (1948-56) for annexation of independent Indian States.
  • The extension of British Paramountcy.


Ground of Doctrine of Lapse:

  • If the ruler of State died without natural male child.
  • Incompetent Ruler.
  • Mal-administration.


The states that were annexed under this policy are:

Annexation of States in British India


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