What are Vitamins ?

Vitamins are  organic compounds that is an essential micronutrient which an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism.
No calories obtained from it. Lack of vitamins causes different syndrome.

Why are Vitamins Required ?

Vitamins are considered essential micronutrients, because acting in concert, they perform hundred of  roles in the body. They help shore up bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system, maintained reproduction, reduce hair loss. They also convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage.

 Two Categories of Vitamin, on the basis of Solubilities :

1. Fat Soluble Vitamin :
Vitamin-E, & 

2. Water Soluble Vitamin :
Vitamin-B & 

Important Vitamins : 

Chemical Name - Retinol
Sources – mango, apple, carrots, milk, egg, cheese, greenvegetables.
 Mainly Stored in – liver
Disease – lack of Vitamin - A cause Night Blindness, Xerophthalmia

*Vitamin B1
Chemical Name - Thymine
Sources - groundnut, rapeseed, dried chilli, pulses, liver, etc. and
 Max in Almond
In polished rice – lack of vitamin B1 Disease - lack of Vitamin-B1 cause Bery-Bery.

 *Vitamin B2
Chemical Name : Riboflavin
Sources - meat, green vegetables, milk, etc.
 Disease – die to lack of this causes cracking of skin, cracking of tongue, weight loss

*Vitamin B3
Chemical Name - Niacin
Sources - Meat, milk, nut, tomato, sugarcane etc.
Disease - whitening of hair, mentally retardeness

*Vitamin B6
Chemical Name - Pyridoxine
Sources - liver, meat, grains etc.
It's important for remembering dreams Disease –Anaemia, skin disease, mental disorders.

*Vitamin B12
Chemical Name - Cyno-Cobalamin
Sources - meat, milk etc.
Found Cobalt elements in it.
 For growth & Nervous system
Disease - Anaemia, Jaundice Teroile Glutemic.

 *Vitamin C
Chemical Name - Ascorbic Acid
 Founded in – Barbados Cherry, lemon, orange, tomato, sprouted grains.
 It help in healing the wound
 Disease – due to lack of Vitamin-C causes swelling of gums, Scurvy.

 *Vitamin D
Chemical Name - Calsiferal
 It is also known as Hormone
Source – Fish liver oil, milk, egg, Sun rays etc.
Disease – Rickets (in children), Osteomalesis (in adults)

 *Vitamin E
Chemical Name - Tocopheral
 Found in – Fish oil, sprouted wheat, better, Vegetable oil etc.
 Disease – It causes reproduction, sex hormones, hair issues.

 *Vitamin K
Chemical Name - Phylloquinone
Sources - tomato, soyabean oil, green vegetables etc.
 For blood clotting Synthesized by intestinal bacteria Lack of this cause slow blood coagulation & reduce platelets.

Synthesis of Vitamins cannot be done by the cells and it is fulfilled by the vitamin containing foods. However synthesis of Vitamin - D and K take place in our body. Synthesis of Vitamin-D take place by the ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight through cholesterol of skin. Vitamin - K is synthesized in our colon by the bacteria and from there it is absorbed.

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