MCQ on G20 Summit: Current & Contemporary Issues

MCQ on G20 Summit:

 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on G20 Summit based Current Affairs & Contemporary issues. It is useful for various competitive exams like UPSC, UPPSC, BPSC, IAS/PCS and others.

MCQ on G20 Summit

MCQ on G20 Summit 2022 (Current Affairs Based Questions and Answers):


Q 1. The 17th annual G-20 summit 2022 was hosted by

a)       a) Australia

b)      b) India

c)       c) Indonesia

d)      d) Japan

c) Indonesia: The 17th annual summit of G-20 was hosted by the Indonesian G20 presidency.


Q 2. What is the theme of the 17th G20 summit 2022?

a)       a) Human-Centred Future Society

b)      b) Making the world together

c)       c) Recover Together, Recover Stronger

d)       d) Recover Together, Recover Healthier

c) The theme of the 17th G20 summit 2022: ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’.


Q 3. Who will assume the charge of the 18th G20 presidency 2023?

a)       a) China

b)      b) Japan

c)       c) India

d)      d) Australia

c) India has assumed the charge of the G20 presidency and the 18th summit will be held in India in 2023.


Q 4. Which one of the following statement is not correct regarding the G20 Summit 2022?

a)       a) To address food security challenges

b)      b) Follow the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change

c)       c) The importance of digital transformation

d)       d) Poverty Alleviation

 d) Poverty Alleviation

Q 5. The Challenges before the G-20 Member Countries, select the correct option given below.

a)       a) Rising Inflation

b)      b) Slowdown of Major Economies

c)       c) Both are Correct

d)      d) None

 c) Both are Correct

Q 6. India is assuming the Presidency of the G20 for…

a)       a) One year

b)      b) Two years

c)       c) Three years

d)      d) Five years

    a) One year


Q 7. Which of the following city is organizing the recent G20 summit held in 2022?

a)       a) Bali

b)      b) New Delhi

c)       c) Singapore

d)      d) Tokyo

a) Bali: The 17th annual summit of G-20 was hosted by the Indonesian G20 presidency in Bali (in 2022).


MCQ on G20 Summit (Contemporary Issues based Questions-Answers): 

Q 8. When was the G20 formed?

a)       a) 1990

b)      b) 1992

c)       c) 1995

d)      d) 1999

d) 1999: After the financial crisis of the late 1990s, G20 was formed in 1999.


Q 9. What is aim of G20?

a)       a) Global financial stability

b)      b) Global Peace

c)       c) Free Trade Agreement

d)      d) None

a) Global financial stability: G20 aims to secure global financial stability by involving middle-income countries.


Q 10. What percentage of population in the world under G20 countries?

a)       a) 50%

b)      b) 60%

c)       c) 65%

d)      d) 70%

  b) 60% : The population in the world under G20 countries is 60%.

Q 11. GDP share of G20 countries in the world…

a)       a) 60%

b)      b) 70%

c)       c) 80%

d)      d) 83%

   c) 80%

Q 12. Where did the first G20 summit take place?

a) Mexico

b) Canada 

c) UK

d) USA

d) USA: The first summit of G20 was held in Washington DC, USA in 2008.

Q 13. Where is headquarter of G20?

a) Canada

b) USA

c) Mexico

d) Brazil

c) Mexico: Headquarter of G20 in Cancún, Mexico.

Q 14. How many countries are there in G20?

a) 20 & EU

b) 19 & EU

c) 21 & EU

d) 18 & EU

b) 19 & EU: Along with the European Union, the G20 includes 19 nations.

Q 15. Which country will host 19th G20 summit in 2024?

a) Brazil

b) Argentina

c) Mexico

d) Canada

a) Brazil: 19th G20 summit in 2024 will host by Brazil.

 Q 16. Which country will host G20 summit in 2025?

a) USA

b) Japan

c) South Africa

d) China

c) South Africa: 20th G20 summit in 2025 will host by South Africa. 

Q 17. Which country is not a member of G20?

a) Singapore

b) Australia

c) Turkey

d) Mexico

a) Singapore: Singapore is not a member of G20. 

Q 18. Consider the following statements regarding G20 members:

1. The G20 members shares approx 85% of world's GDP.

2. It represent more than 75% of  the global trade. 

Which of the above given statements is/are correct?

a) 1 only

b) 2 only

c) 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2

c) 1 and 2: The G20 members represent around 85% of the global GDP, over 75% of the global trade, and about two-thirds of the world population.

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MCQ on India’s  G20 Presidency 2023:

Q 1. India has formally assumed the presidency of G-20 on:

a) December 1, 2022

b) January 1, 2023

c) March 1, 2023

d) December 15, 2022

Answer: (a)

Explanation: India has formally assumed the presidency of G-20 on December 1, 2022 to 30th November 2023.

Q 2. What is theme of India’s G20 Presidency 2023?

a) One Earth, One Nature

b) One Earth, One Family, One Future

c) One Earth, One Future

d) One Earth, One Family, One Nature

Answer: (b)

Explanation: The theme of India’s G20 Presidency “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or “One Earth · One Family · One Future”.

Q 3. Who will host 18th G20 Summit?

a) Brazil

b) Japan

c) India

d) South Africa

Answer: (c)

Explanation: India has assumed the charge of the G20 presidency and the 18th summit will be held in India in 2023.

Q 4. What is agenda of India’s G20 Presidency 2023?

a) Inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented

b) Inclusive & action-oriented

c) Inclusive and Sustainable Development

d) Inclusive, ambitious, development-oriented

Answer: (a)

Explanation: India’s agenda at the G-20 as “inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented”.


Q 5. Who decided G20 presidency?

a) Developed Nations

b) Developing Nations

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) Members of G20

Answer: (d)

Explanation: The G20's Presidency, which rotates annually based on region, is decided by consensus of its members.

Q 6. Consider the following statements regarding India's G20 Priorities:

1. To accelerate integration of MSMEs in global trade.

2. India offers the world LiFE.

3. Focus on bringing women in leading positions.

Which of the above given statements are correct?

a) 1 and 2 only

b) 1 and 3 only

c) 2 and 3 only

d) 1, 2, and 3

Answer: (d)


India offers the world LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) -a behaviour-based movement that draws from our nation's rich, ancient sustainable traditions to nudge consumers, and in-turn markets, to adopt environmentally-conscious practices.

India aims to focus on areas that have the potential to bring structural transformation. This includes an ambition to accelerate integration of MSMEs in global trade, bring in the spirit of trade for growth, promote labour rights and secure labour welfare, address global skills gap, and build inclusive agricultural value chains and food systems etc.

India hopes to use the G20 forum to highlight inclusive growth and development, with women empowerment and representation being at the core of India's G20 deliberations. This includes a focus on bringing women to the fore, and in leading positions, in order to boost socio-economic development and achievement of SDGs.


Q 7. What is aim of India's G20 Presidency?

a) Inclusive Development

b) Sustainable Development

c) Universal sense of one-ness

d) Universal sense of Environment

Answer: (c)

Explanation: India's G20 Presidency will work to promote this universal sense of one-ness. Hence our theme - 'One Earth, One Family, One Future'.

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